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Since 1997, Cursed Out Productions has brought you the best in underground hip hop. Starting off in Boston with humble beginnings, Cursed Out has expanded into cities and towns from Waltham, MA to Long Beach, CA.

Boasting a lineup with original MCs, singers, producers and graphic artists, Cursed Out is whole package. So click through, enjoy the freebies, and cop some tunes in the store.

Our artists have worked with legends, as well as unknown up-and-comers. We don't don't turn our backs on our roots and we appreciate all the fortunate turns we've taken in the past. We look forward to a brighter future in hip hop and art in general.

We are committed to keeping it 100% real and not selling you, or ourselves, short. If you are looking for hip hop that will put you to sleep, you've come to wrong place. We're a group of individuals working towards bringing the true school back for good.

- Founded in 1997 by Egadz.

- Is based mainly in the Boston area but it's headquarters have moved to Long Beach, CA.

- Is a fully functional record label & design studio.

- Has released 25 albums since 2007.

- Oak Lonetree has put out the most albums for Cursed Out (solo and group) - 12 and counting.

- Its artists have opened up for such artists as Slick Rick, GZA (Wu-Tang), Tash (Tha Alkaholks) & Killah Priest.

- Cursed Out has received numerous reviews in the Boston Herald, Boston Phoenix and various other websites and blogs.

- Its artists have featured or produced for artists such as Sean Price, Edo.G, Casual, King Magnetic, XL of The Kreators, Godforbid and Ronnie Raygunn of Alaskan Fishermen, Swiss Precise, Hochii, Moe Pope of Electric Company, Nabo Rawk & Mister Jason of Porn Theatre Ushers, Arablak, Paulie Nugent, & Ripshop.

- Its artists have played venues such as The Paradise, The Middle East (Upstairs and Downstairs), Harper's Ferry, Great Scott & Bill's Bar.

- Its first release was Akwafresh "Demo-Listen" in 2000. It is an unofficial release and has no catalog number. COP- 001, the first official album release, was Egadz "Don't Sleep On My Records" (2005).

- The most albums Cursed Out released in 1 year was 2007 (4), with the releases of 2 Oak Lonetree albums (Let Me Pet That Kitty, The One), Egadz "Versus", and a Pantera project with Oak Lonetree and White Mic called Pu**y Booga.

- In 2009, Cursed Out branched out to the design business as well as manufacturing.

- Before Cursed Out was a full fledged label, Egadz, Oak Lonetree, Yukonn and DJ Frank White worked together as "My Mans N Them" from 2003-2006.

- Cursed Out Radio existed once for about a week.