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Billy Blaze

You may not have heard of Billy Blaze yet, but you will. With more production credits under his belt everyday, Billy has produced more songs and albums than many artists do in a lifetime. As the exclusive producer of The Dunnas, Billy has created 2 masterpieces (soon to be 4) with them, while also finiding time to produce an entire Oak Lonetree album (Klondike Bars) and split production with fellow Cursed Out Professional E.F. (Elemental Force) on I.D.'s debut album "True.Live.Hungry." 2011 and beyond looks to be just as busy if not more so. With numerous Dunnas albums due to drop as well as many emcees seeking the talent of Billy Blaze, we can expect some modern classics to be heard from coast to coast.


Track of the week:

The Dunnas feat. King Author & Amen "Go Anywhere" prod. by Billy Blaze by Cursed Out Productions


Billy Blaze Elsewhere:
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Dunnas Monster Rap The Dunnas
Monster Rap
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Oak Lonetree Klondike Bars Oak Lonetree
Klondike Bars
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Indy Jonez True Live Hungry
I.D aka Indy Jonez
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