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Punchlines for days. If you've seen Dese's series of Youtube videos, you already know this. Dese has been a beast on the scene for awhile now. He first gained recognition as 1/3 of the group E3 (with Skipp Whitman & Excetera). When Skipp moved on to do solo material, Grime joined Dese and Excetera for the most well known outfit so far, The Camp. These days Dese is adding album after album to his catalog. Whether doing solo albums or working with Oak Lonetree and Billy Blaze on a new Dunnas album, Dese is one of the most formiddable and productive artists around.


Track of the week:

The Dunnas feat. L Boogie "Small Talk" by Cursed Out Productions


Big Dese Elsewhere:
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Dunnas Redesigning The Real The Dunnas
Redesigning The Real EP
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Dunnas Monster Rap The Dunnas
Monster Rap
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Dunnas All You Can Eat The Dunnas
All You Can Eat
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