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I.D aka Indy Jonez
"The Cover Charge" Mixtape

1. The Cover Charge
2. No Betta
3. Dangitydang (prod by Billy Blaze)
4. Doin My Thing (prod by Billy Blaze)
5. Slow Freestyle
6. The Demolition feat Adept
7. The Dope Spot
8. Praise Me feat. Elemental Force & Billy Blaze (prod by Elemental Force)
9. Get Big
10. Danger in the Air feat S.Jones& Tru Form
11. On My Feet (prod by Golden Child)
12. I Got It feat. Oak Lonetree & HalfaBrick (prod by the beatmaker)
13. Indy 500
14. How I Do It (prod by Billy Blaze)
15. Im Out Here feat. S. Jones
16. I Don't Understand
17. Denzel (prod by Billy Blaze)
18. Brain Stormin feat. Adept & Darkstar
19. Bulldoze Gang feat. Oak lonetree, Sean Ryan & King Author (prod by Billy Blaze)
20. Last Call (prod by Elemental Force)

All Songs ©2011 Cursed Out Productions



Indy Jonez True Live Hungry
I.D aka Indy Jonez
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