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White Mic
"Damn Ma!"

1. Intro
2. Holla When I'm Walking feat. Oak Lonetree
3. Put A Coat On
4. New Beginnings
5. Step Up feat. Egadz
6. Damn Ma!
7. Dead Rodents
8. We Are Men feat. Oak Lonetree & Lil' Spud
9. What Am I Doing Wrong?
10. Where'd All The Time Go?
11. The Creep
12. Hanging Off My Neck
13. None Better feat. Oak Lonetree & Egadz
14. Damn Ma!
15. Let's Get Married/FunnyStrange/Schoolyard Games/Lady
16. Wait For Your TIme
17. Swamp Music feat. Dese
18. Wang Music

All tracks produced by Egadz

All Songs ©2008 Cursed Out Productions




Dunnas All You Can Eat White Mic
Damn Son!
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Egadz You Got Beef Egadz
You Got Beef...?
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