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Oak Lonetree

1. Intro
2. Lava
3. Mehfecka feat. Dese & Jabba Tha Kut
4. Full Moon
5. What U Talking About?
6. BumpBumpDidDump
7. Do It Up
8. That's That
9. Yup feat. Swiss Precise & Monk The Liverfish
10. Back To The Lab feat. Dese & XL
11. Beautiful Holes
12. Put Some Mo Funk In The Club feat. White Mic
13. Interlude
14. Something's Wrong With You feat. Hochii
15. Young Lady feat. The Rhyminal
16. 3 Hour Time Difference feat. Speks & Exposition
17. A Stand Up Dude
18. You Can't Stop This feat. Dese & Excetera
19. Take It From The Top feat. Billy Blaze
20. The Realest

All tracks produced by Billy Blaze
except 1,3,13,16 by Egadz
4 & 9 by Barak The Barbarian
11 by E.One
14 by The Optimist

All Songs ©2008 Cursed Out Productions




Oak Lonetree The One Oak Lonetree
The One
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Indy Jonez Cover Charge
Oak Lonetree
Oakst Blue Ribbon
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