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(King Author & Darkstar)
"The Legendary Mixtape"

1. Ong Bak
2. Cannon feat. S.Jones
3. Illuminati
4. Nowhere To Run feat. TAPOUT
5. Life Off The Mic
6. Round Table Style feat. I.D. aka Indy Jonez
7. Going Off
8. Pump Pump
9. The Symphony 2011 feat. The Lost & Shizz
10. Package Back
11. Life Is War (Eastwind Remix)
12. U Ain't A Killa
13. 2004
14. Kill Or Be Killed feat. S.Jones
15. Real Killaz
16. Make Bricks Break feat. Adept & Cobra Ky
17. Swinging Swords feat. TAPOUT
18. The Opposite Side

Tracks 5, 14, 18 produced by Anno Domini
Track 6 produced by Billy Blaze
Track 7 produced by Elemental Force
Track 11 produced by Engineer

All Songs ©2011 Cursed Out Productions



Indy Jonez Cover Charge
I.D aka Indy Jonez
The Cover Charge
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Dunnas Redesigning The Real The Dunnas
Redesigning The Real EP
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