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Oak Lonetree
"The One"

1. Intro
2. Get It Started feat. L Boogie
3. A Toast To You
4. Crunchtime
5. Tomato feat. The Rhyminal & Grime
6. Throw Out Your Back
7. You Want Fire? feat. Excetera, Godforbid, White Mic & Egadz
8. Settle Down
9. Crowd Control feat. Edo.G, Yukonn & DJ Frank White
10. Bathtub
11. True Spit feat. Dese
12. Doin' it Big
13. In The Chair Crooked feat. Ballckub & DJ Frank White
14. The One And Only

All tracks produced by Egadz

All Songs ©2007 Cursed Out Productions




Oak Lonetree Klondike Bars Oak Lonetree
Klondike Bars
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Oak Lonetree Let Me Pet that Kitty
Oak Lonetree
Let Me Pet That Kitty
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