Oak Lonetree “Bully Mammoth”

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1. Introduction
2. No Bullshit
3. Bully Mammoth
4. The Low Down feat. Copywrite
5. Mango
6. Habanero
7. Crawlin’
8. Off the Chain
9. Chillin’ Out
10. Gorilla Teeth
11. Spiffy
12. Angels & Demons
13. T.U.S.K.
14. One for the Books feat. Midnight Man
15. You Know What to Do
16. Trashman
17. Stressed Out
18. Too Fly for You feat. King Author

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Cursed Out original Oak Lonetree goes to bat with his most fierce effort yet. Bully Mammoth featuring legends such as Copywrite, Midnight Man and King Author. Production by Willy Low, Mister Jason, Ninja B, DJ Frank White, Teddy Roxpin, The Boombap Addicts, Wizzard, Evilldewer, Ron Barz and more!
Cuts by Emoh Bettah