For all shop inquiries, please include as much information as possible, date of purchase, invoice number, tracking number etc. for the process of resolving any issues. We aren't Amazon so give us a minute to fix any problems. Also this piece of s*** from Vegas tried to dupe me into sending him an extra CD and T-Shirt because the tracking number got screwed up but that jackass posted it on his Twitter so I caught him red handed and busted him. I spared him the public shaming, but if you try to screw indie artists, I will find you. We actually have a record and shirt coming out on April 3rd that he's going to want to buy but he will not even be getting close.

For all business inquiries about any of our artists, including verses, beats, artwork, music videos, or just general inquiries, fill out this form and we will get it to the right person. Other than a mutually beneficial collaboration we won't be throwing around freebies so definitely come with your best pitch. We appreciate and respect all the artists out there creating, so please do the same for us.

Our contact form is experiencing issues so in the meantime email info@( and we'll get back to you shortly.

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