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Oak Lonetree

I.DOak Lonetree aka The Number One Dunny in ya area is no stranger to nastiness.  Whether it's diligently plowing through notebook after notebook at the studio or mesmerizing everybody at the live show, Oak gets it done thoroughly. Gifted with the build of a small dinosaur, the brain of a genius lefty, and ambition of a starving pack of penguins, Dr. Lonetree always puts endless effort into each and every project he takes part in.  A seasoned veteran in the studio environment, it's never a problem to handle business at a rapid pace. As far as containing Oak Lonetree or trying to limit his progression, you'd have a better chance chopping your legs off and doing naked jumping jacks in front of your work friends.  It ain't happening. As a proud boss on the Cursed Out Productions rap team, Oak Lonetree will continue to make sure the music stays ultimately quality and supremely serious.


Track of the week:

Oak Lonetree feat. Egadz "Raging Bull" by Cursed Out Productions


Oak Lonetree Elsewhere:
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